10 Easy Tips For How To Pack a Fun Valentine's Day Lunch!

10 Easy Tips For How To Pack a Fun Valentine's Day Lunch!


To help you plan ahead, I've pulled together the lunches I made for Valentine's week last year. All of these lunches were super quick and easy to make, with just a few extra little tools and accessories. You don't have to make any special foods - you can make any food look fun and special. With a few cutters, picks, and baking cups, you can add lots of little heart shaped touches to what would otherwise be a normal lunch.

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School Lunch Day 85: Heart Shaped Pizza!

I made these for Valentine's week, but seriously why do you need a special occasion to make a school lunch with a little extra love? These were so easy!

Easy Valentine Lunch from WhatLisaCooks.com

These are the simplest thing ever and take no time at all. I just used a store bought pizza dough and cut hearts with a big heart cookie cutter. then I spread them with canned tomato sauce, topped with a little cheese, and baked on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes. 

So easy!

I tossed in a few berries and tomatoes on the side, and a cheese for the one who doesn't eat tomatoes.

This is the heart cutter I used for the dough.
Lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes.
This set has a heart cutter like the one I used to make the heart in the cheese.

Valentine's week lunch: day 3

valentines day lunch

Another easy valentine lunch for my kiddos.  On Sunday I made pancakes for breakfast, and I always make extra.  They make for such an easy breakfast or school lunch.  And if you fill them with healthy stuff, then you can totally feel ok about giving your kids pancakes for lunch! Along with their pancakes they have whipped cream, berries, grapes, apples, and cheese. And two have a few slices of salami hiding under the cheese. 

Lunches are packed in Easy Lunchboxes, and the cream are in the Easy Lunchboxes mini dipper containers. 

How I made this lunch:

  • Pancake hearts: I used my basic pancake recipe, but added a little extra milk to make the batter a little thinner.  Then I put the batter in a condiment squeeze bottle and just squirted out heart shapes on my griddle pan.  It takes a little practice, but it's really very easy. 
  • The pancakes are just stacked in paper baking cups. 
  • Maple whipped cream: I use a blender bottle to make quick homemade whipped cream.  It's so easy, there's no reason to buy that stuff in a can.  You just pour in your cream and shake for a minute or two.  I add just a touch of maple syrup to make it a little sweet.
  • The apples and cheese are just cut with a little heart cookie cutter (from this set).  I slice the apples and just use the cutter to take out the middle, and then pop in the piece of cheese cut to the same size.  For the babybel cheese I just press the cutter down just enough to cut through the was, but not the cheese 
  • The strawberries are just cut in half with the stem cut out in a little V, and slid onto bamboo skewers. 

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easy valentine lunch

Valentine's week lunch #2

Another super easy Valentine's themed lunch for this week. I'm trying to cut back on the amount of bread that my kids are eating, so this lunch is grain free, and it is also nut free. We're not doing a totally grain free diet, but I've found that if I give them mostly just protein, fruits and veggies for lunch then they have much more energy to get through their days.  So I'm trying to keep their lunches to minimal grain most days of the week, but still letting them have it a breakfast and dinner. 

These are all made with simple ingredients and tools that you can get at your grocery store.  

Our lunches are packed in Easy Lunchboxes.

How I made it:

  • Quesadilla pinwheel rolls on grain free wraps.  These are grain free tortilla/crepe, but you could just as easily do this with a regular tortilla - I do that all the time.  Here is the grain free recipe I used.  You just lay your ingredients on the tortilla (two of these have ham & cheddar, one has just cheddar), and heat it just enough to slightly melt the cheese.  Then roll up, let cool and set for a few minutes, and then slice.  One child has sunbutter and homemade jam instead of the cheese.  Same method - spread, roll, slice.  I've just placed them in some little heart shaped paper baking cups that I got at the grocery store. 
  • Apples with a heart cut out: slice off the side of two different colored apples.  Use the heart cutter to cut out the center of each slice, and then put the heart back in the other color apple.   The rest of the apple is cut into bites and placed in silicon cups from Ikea. 
  • I did the same thing with cucumbers and carrots - cut a good size chunk, cut the heart, and alternate it with the other vegetable. 
  • Mixed berries. The strawberries are a little bit of a heart shape by slicing in half and then trimming off the top in a bit of a V shape.  The grapes are sliced in half and alternated on a stick.  I was trying to do them in hearts like I did the tomatoes in yesterday's lunch, but they didn't work quite as well. These are sitting in a paper valentine muffin cup from the grocery store. 

You can do it!

You Can Make This EASY Valentine's Themed Lunch


You might look at this and think that it looks so fancy that it's something you will never actually do, but I'm telling you it's not.  These are very basic ingredients and prepared with very simple tools.  All you need is a little heart cookie cutter, some skewers or toothpicks, and some muffin papers or cups. 

My lunches are all made in these lunch boxes

How I made it: 

  • Skewers of grape tomatoes and cheddar cheese.  The cheese is just cut with a heart cookie cutter.  The tomatoes are sliced in half slightly diagonally and put back together (see below).
  • Paper valentine's muffin cups that I got at the grocery store.
  • Thick sliced salami with hearts cut out - using the same heart cutter as the cheese.
  • A babybel cheese with a heart cut out of the wax, also using the same heart cutter.
  • One slice of carrot, cut with the heart cutter. 
  • A variety of fresh berries - they are such pretty colors!
  • A few little yogurt covered star cookies, in a silicon muffin cup - The cups are from Ikea.