How to keep apples from turning brown

How to keep apples from turning brown

Listen, I am busy.  I've got four little kids, two cats, a husband, and a mountain of laundry that never seems to go away.  I've got way better things to do with my time than carefully treating cut apples to keep them from browning.  It's funny though, the things that never occur to you until other people mention it.  I've been putting apples in the lunches since the beginning of lunches, and never really given it much thought. They're just apples.  I cut them, they eat them. 

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No Sandwich Lunches!

My posts about lunches that I pack without sandwiches are always the most popular. I love a good sandwich, but nobody wants to eat that every day!

For your viewing pleasure, I've taken some of my personal favorite no-sandwich lunches and built a little video about them, with some pointers about what to include and some of my favorite tips  for how to make them amazing. 

All of these lunches are packed in my forever favorite EasyLunchboxes. Enjoy and happy lunch packing! 

The Best Snack Box!

It's been a while since I've found something new that I'm so excited about that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops - but we have new snack boxes.

You may already know that EasyLunchboxes are my favorite, and most recommended, box for packing school lunches. We've loved these since we started packing lunches, and now there's a new one to choose from. 

This is the new EasyLunchboxes snack box! I think it's absolutely perfect. It's the same genius design as the original, easy to use and pack, easy to clean, just in a smaller size.

This is perfect for snacks, but it's also an awesome size lunch box for your little eaters with smaller appetites.

One of the things I love about it is that it has four compartments. This makes it really easy to pack a well balanced lunch or snack. I follow a simple formula for packing: protein + vegetable + fruit + carb. Having a container with four sections makes this easy!

A full year of school lunch ideas!

A full year of school lunch ideas!

This is the one place to look for all of the lunches I have packed since the beginning of the current school year - a full year of school lunches, plus lots of adult lunches mixed in as well.  You'll see all my lunch ideas here, including breakfasts for lunch, nut free lunches, gluten free lunches, non-sandwich lunces. 

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Tidy little snack box

This is a fun little snack box. This one is packed in a tin box that I got in the "One Spot" aisle at Target. They often have fun little boxes there for just $1 or $3, and they are great to grab up and use for packing snacks. My favorite little square silicone muffin cups fit perfectly in here to divide it into sections, for lots of little nibbles. 

In this box she has a few bites of popcorn chicken, cherry tomatoes, peanut butter (in this container), a piece of banana, a few chocolate bunny grahams, crackers, cheese, a yogurt tube, and a honey straw - it's a big variety for such a little box. She can dip the cookies in the peanut butter or spread it on the banana, and she can make little sandwiches with the cheese and crackers. The raw honey stick is a fun little was to give them a sweet treat that's actually healthy.