School lunches - week 3

Week 3 of pre-k and toddler preschool lunches. 
Monday: sandwich skewers for the big kids - Danny had bread, salame and jack cheese, Callie had just bread and two cheeses, cheddar and jack.  And deconstructed sandwiches for the little kids - one with salame, one just with cheese - I didn't think the sharp skewers were appropriate for two-year-olds.  I have two kids who don't eat meat.  With strawberries, blueberries and goldfish.  And Danny got some extra pear - because he is a bottomless pit and I didn't think it looked like quite enough food for him.  This was a pretty big hit and came back with just a few scraps of bread and cheese left. 
Tuesday: rolls of whole-wheat tortilla, cream cheese, turkey and thinly sliced carrot; cheese cubes, triscuits, pineapple and strawberries.  Danny ate almost every bite of his except he stripped out the carrots.  Callie didn't touch the rolls - she declared she didn't like it without even tasting it.  (so I had it for my lunch after I picked them up - I thought it was really good!)
Wednesday: Sometimes the lunches are original creations - but other times they are bits of leftovers and odd combinations.  Today - a little bit of everything: a piece of tuna melt, a couple mini hot dogs, boiled egg, popcorn, cheese stick, banana.  It was all mostly eaten.
Thursday: Mushroom quiche (with whole wheat crust - made for dinner last night by our nanny), banana, cheese, whole wheat pretzels and tomatoes/blueberries.  Danny every bite of his except I mistakenly gave him the one with tomatoes, and he doesn't eat those.  Callie's lunch was hardly touched - I think she ate the cheese.  I was surprised because the quiche was leftover from the night before and she ate all her dinner, so I thought she'd like it.  You never can tell. 
Ready to go for Friday: cut out quesadillas - butterfly, dog, elephant, dolphin and flowers (the scraps make a good snack for mommy); green beans, applesauce, Danny and Julianne have some turkey (Sarah and Callie won't eat it), Callie got the last of the tomatoes and the rest got raisins.

Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.