School Lunches 2014: week 2

[Want to see more of what I'm cooking every day? Follow me over on Facebook and Instagram for lots more updates.] Last week was technically week 2 of our school year, but the first week for my two in pre-k, so the first week for this year that I am now making 4 lunches every day.  Organization in key in this process, if you don't want to be in a mad rush in the morning before you have to get them out the door for school.

Last week I tried a new step in my process. Every Monday afternoon we get a box of organic produce delivered directly to our front porch.  It is an amazing variety of food, and has honestly changed the way our family eats in the past few years that we have been getting it.  We have been eating a much wider variety of vegetables than ever before. If they show up on my front porch, I figure I'm going to come up with a way to cook them because I can't stand to waste food.  One of the things I love is that I can edit the contents of my box online, make substitutions, and add things.  So this lets me adjust the box to get what I think we will need to get us through the week.   My Monday is too busy to do anything with it, so I have them leave my delivery in a cooler on my front porch, so I can get to it the next day.  But Tuesday I have time, so on Tuesday I am trying to prep all the produce for our meals for the rest of the week - washing lettuce and greens, cleaning and cutting fruits and veggies for lunches.  Last week I had ready in my fridge two kinds of carrots, apples, pears, and sweet peppers, and some cucumbers from my garden.  It really made my lunch packing much quicker - just make the 'main' part of the meal for the big compartment, and add in some of my pre-cut fruits and veggies - and, done.

Orange & purple carrots, apples, asian pears, cucumbers (from my garden), sweet peppers.

Here are the lunches for the week:

She has quesadilla, apples, tomatoes and strawberries.  He has leftover homemade pizza, cheese, apples and strawberries.  Whenever I make things like pizza and quesadilla, I always make extra.  It's super easy to pack a lunch when the main item is already made in the fridge.
My version of a lunchable.  Crackers (Trader Joe's version of a Ritz style cracker), tomatoes, apples, oranges, cheese.  The three girls have slices of cucumber from our garden, the boy has some bites of Applegate ham.  And a few yogurt covered star cookies for everyone.
First day of making lunch for four this year! Sandwiches for all, each a little different.  D has ham and cheddar. C has cheddar and cucumbers.  S has homemade sunbutter and  homemade grape jam.  J has ham, cheddar and cucumbers, cut in the shape of a butterfly (by request).  With apples and a whole wheat, oatmeal, raisin cookie.  S has an extra cheese.  C got some leftover lentil, sausage, kale soup from the previous nights dinner (by request - a huge win for me in the food wars!).  D has some smoothie leftover from breakfast (bananas, milk, egg yolks, ground flax).
This was a bit of an experiment.  We had Ethiopian food for dinner the night before, so I used the leftover Injira (Ethiopian flatbread) to make little rolled sandwiches.